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When I was five years old I drew a picture and handed it to my father and he reached in his pocket and gave a me quarter. I immediately ran into my bedroom and quickly drew 25 more pictures, lined them up like an art gallery and invited my father to purchase them from my own makeshift gallery.

At the age of twelve I started playing bass and was positively reinforced by my parents and my "progressive hippie" school teachers at Walden in New York City to continue to make music.

I started playing in local New York City bands but I wanted better equipment so I took a job as a messenger at Sound One Corp. Sound One was a film post production company located in the Brill building. 

By the time I graduated high school Sound One hired me full time as a film post production sound engineer. I began shooting opticals, as well as working with very high profile clients to make sure all music and sound was properly prepared for final mix, which I did for over eight years during which time I also taught my self the electric guitar and the drums.

I became very intrigued in how vacuum tubes played such a role in tone. I remember how a driven LA2a would add such sweetness to vocal tracks.

Thanks to my brother I was asked to join New Sensor Corporation aka Electro -Harmonix, there I learned all aspects of effect pedal manufacturing, product procurement, as well as high pressure fast paced sales.

During this time I also started producing my own public access TV show which aired once a week called Wolftoob.

At the turn of the century I started working at CE Distribution as the Vice President of sales and marketing, I was in charge of all marketing and sales as well as all purchasing.

All my experiences in music and life gives me the ability to see business from a pure artistic point of view.

Orin Portnoy

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